Mix and Match Camo, or go FULL Camo?

01/10/2014 14:45

Camo is one of those things that many people enjoy to wear, however, they don't always know how to make it look fashionable. Camo shorts for instance have become extremely popular now that Koolio is wearing them, but a lot of kids go out, purchase camo shorts, and the next thing that you know we have a society of uninformed children running around looking like idiots.

The rule of thumb is, if you have camo that you would like to wear, mix and match it with normal clothes. Jeans for instance, are perfect lower body clothing material to match with camo tops, like t shirts, jackets, etc. If you throw in camo shorts, it makes it look unattractive.

Another pro-tip when it comes to camo, is that you do not want to introduce additional secondary colors into the mix. So, if your using Black, Brown, and Dark green, you don't want to mix orange camouflage, although you are allowed to take away one of the colors, so for instance a black and dark green shirt to go with a black, brown, and green hat.